Welcome To Auspicious Coffee

Unmuted Craft Coffee

Our exclusive technology and roasting process allows us to create coffee with pronounced, crisp notes and a clean finish. It’s the BEST COFFEE you will ever have.


The best beans make the best coffee

We hand select certified organic beans from growers that match our values and meet our high standards. We only accept the best, so you get the best.

Sustainability – it’s not just a buzz word, it’s our business!

Our roaster uses renewable biomass energy and helps us reduce our climate impact by as much as 25% over conventional roasting technology.

Our Philosophy

We roast coffee that is good for you and our planet. Every element of our operation is focused on minimizing our climate impact; sourcing the very best coffee from producers that match our values; and promoting sustainable farming practices.

We believe in organic farming and that is why we only roast organic coffee. Organic coffee is not only better for you but it helps reduce agrochemical demand, which is good for our planet.


Bottomless cup!

Our customizable subscription will help to ensure you will never run out of fresh, sustainable coffee! With flexible delivery frequencies and quantities, you can create the subscription that fits your needs.  Plus, all two-bag subscriptions get free shipping!

Become An Auspicious Coffee Wholesale Partner

We offer more than great, sustainable coffee.  We add value through our wholesale solutions:  from customized roasts to bolstering your business’ sustainability mission, we help our wholesale partners accelerate their growth!

We're making an impact, one bag at a time!

Climate Change Is Impacting Coffee Production

Worldwide coffee production is decreasing due to changes in climate and weather patterns.

We’re taking action to promote the future of our industry.

We've Raised The Bar On Sustainability

Every aspect of our operation is focused on sustainable practices and minimizing our climate impact.  So much so that we invented our own roasting technology!

We Only Roast Organic Coffee

All of our coffee’s are hand selected and are certified organic.  Many also have a fair trade or rainforest certification.   

We’re working to earn our organic certification and every purchase brings us one step closer. Organic Certification will allow us to use the USDA Organic® label.