Brew Guides

Have you ever made a great cup of coffee only to make a not so great one the next day? 
Many variables can affect the taste and quality of your brew.  

Our brew guides are intended to serve as rule of thumb (not an absolute truth).  We recommend that you make adjustments to the techniques presented here to find what works best for you.

Where to Start?

No matter the brewing technique you use, the following tips will help set the stage for an amazing brew.

Use hand brew methods

Every machine is different, the best way to ensure consistency is to take control of how your coffee is brewed. This means using traditional, hand-method brewing. Pour over, espresso, French press, Aero Press, etc. are all great methods.

Always fresh

Always use freshly ground coffee!

Use Filtered Water

Water greatly influences how your coffee tastes. Highly chlorinated water can especially have a negative impact on the flavor of your coffee. For best results, use fresh non-chlorinated filtered water.

Water Temperature

Pay attention to the temperature of your water. When brewing coffee you are creating & extracting the flavors you want and warding off the ones you don’t. Typically, the ideal water temperature is between 195-deg F and 207-deg F. Not sure what to use? Water temperature is a great place to start experimenting to find what works for your coffee.

(...don't forget to have fun!)

Brew Guides