CHEMEX Brew Guide

The CHEMEX brew system is a type of ‘pour over’.  The advantage of pour over is that it has the potential of producing better tasting coffee than other brewing methods.  However, pour-over takes a little more time and requires more patience from the brewer to produce the best tasting coffee.

The following are general steps for brewing with a CHEMEX.  Visit the CHEMEX website for detailed brewing, product care, and safety instructions.


Open a CHEMEX bonded filer so that one side has three layers of filter.


Install the filter in the CHEMEX


Using a burr grinder (or burr mill), grind your favorite Auspicious Coffee to produce a medium course ground*.  

(*note:  the grind may require some adjusting based on the roast.  Play with the ground size and set it to your liking).


Heat clean, filtered water in a kettle.  The optimal temperature is between 195 and 207-deg F.


One (1) rounded tablespoon of ground coffee should be used for every 5oz cup of coffee that will be brewed.  How much is a ’rounded tablespoon’?  8-grams, give or take.  Adjust this amount up or down to achieve your desired strength.

Place the coffee in the filter


Once the water has reached the required temperature, place a small amount over the grounds.  Wait 30-45 seconds to allow the grounds to bloom.


Once bloomed, continue by slowing pouring water over the grounds.  Take care to keep the water level to about 1/2″ below the rim of the CHEMEX (at minimum).  Continue slowly pouring the water in a circular motion until the desired amount of water is deposited.


After all the water/coffee has drained into the base (brew is complete), remove the filter and grounds.  Exercise caution as the grounds, filter, and contents are hot.


Enjoy!  Don’t forget to take pictures of your amazing brew and share them with us on Instagram.

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